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I joined OKCupid... Mostly because Keith wanted to, and he wanted me to have a profile that he could link to his. I suppose to show that he was indeed telling the truth and all that. Thinking about it... This is the second website he's gotten me to join recently: first fetlife and now OKC. Huh.

Anyway, like two days after making the profile, this guy sends me a message. Looking at his profile, I wasn't terribly interested. Maybe could be friends or just chat buddies or something, but probably nothing since we didn't seem to have much in common. His message was really nice, though, so I responded positively. Well, we've been talking for a few days now and he seems really great! We have some minor things in common - like wanting to learn to shoot and get a handgun permit, going to live sporting events but not watching sports on tv, etc. - and we seem to get along well. We are planning to meet for tea one evening this week, so I'm hoping it goes as well in person as it has been online/via text.

Keith is really excited, because apparently he has secretly been wanting me to have a boyfriend again ever since I parted ways with the guy I was seeing last summer/fall. I haven't told Fiona yet, although I probably should since it is getting to the "meeting in person" step. She knows Keith and I joined OKC, but since I haven't been instigating anything she hasn't even really thought about it.

I feel bad because I am starting to feel kind of resentful of Fiona's attitudes towards me getting out and meeting new people. Even activities I've shown interest in just to meet new friends like a book club and stuff she seems to kind of judge. I've tried to explain to her that I stay at home most days while everyone else gets out and works. I HAVE to do something to interact with adults (because the days I do work, it's with kids) or I will go crazy. She's also deep down a shy person, so I think part of it is envy at my extroversion.

On a random note, I somehow ended up in the middle of an argument between Fiona and Mario. Mario got a job offer overseas and Fiona doesn't want to go. I think it's a great opportunity for the family. Their son would get to experience living somewhere else, but they could still come back in a couple of years before he starts school. Mario gets a great job and to live in his dream country. Fiona could get a job actually using her degree because her focus isn't used in America. I explained this to Fiona when she told me. I then went on to say, I can see why she'd be nervous not being able to see family, but I emphasized the "you can come back in a year or two if it doesn't work out" side of things. Mario found out, and all of the sudden he's saying I'm on his side and all that. So, I've stopped giving my real opinion and have told them both I am just neutral. Kind of frustrating.
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