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Well...let me see if I can clarify, then. The most recent downswing occurred after I introduced a new partner and my existing secondary took it really hard, was hostile toward me and erratic in his behavior. He also expressed a lot of his emotional ups and downs to me with it...and he's depressed anyhow on top of that but hasn't sought help so far. He's surprised that after two weeks of processing his behavior and feelings with him I'm ready to be done--but I just don't feel committed to seeing it through. Maybe I lack commitment to this particular relationship, but my worry is I just lack commitment in general. However, I have been married for almost 8 years, 6 of them entirely mono, so obviously I am capable of committing to stick out the bad times. I guess I just wonder if my perseverance is mostly taken up by the primary relationship, leaving me less energy for sticking it out in the others?
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