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Default does poly make you less patient with lovers?

Hi! Been officially poly about 9-10 months. I'm married to my primary and have had two significant secondary relationships (6 months, 4 months, respectively) in that time. Both ended in breakups mostly initiated by me. I've noticed that I'm a lot less prone to tolerate negativity or relationship downswings in poly...after a few weeks of sustained downswing, I just tend to get the hell out. Is this something you guys have noticed you do? I feel like in mono I put up with a hell of a lot more unpleasantness. I think eventually I will need to learn to up my tolerance for unpleasantness a bit or I won't have any long-lived secondary relationships. But I'm wondering if this is mostly a product of having a primary and putting in more work there...and knowing I have that to fall back on. Just thinking out loud and needed some people to do that with
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