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Originally Posted by Devilman View Post
We've even discussed possible procreation with my partner (the only girl she will allow to have my spawn being her cousin). Which isn't a problem as I am really attracted to her cousin.

But there lies the problem. The only woman I can picture myself being poly with is her cousin. I've had feelings for her for a while. I am just kind of lost in the ether as poly is still an infant concept to many people. She know the wife and I have been talking about it, and in casual conversation the cousin has mentioned she could do a poly relationship(even with us if the wife wasn't her cousin).

I am just looking for some helpful direction
I don't understand the problem, could you be more specific? I can imagine you being the hinge of a V, you are with each of them. Are you imagining that you must have 4, 10, 20 other partners? Because there's no one way to do poly. There's an ocean of resources here at this forum, and links galore to many more places on the web.
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