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As a LGBT advocate and political activist for a long time, I have seriously been questioning whether to come out as a bi-sexual polyamorist for some time now.
I understand exactly what you are saying, ChloeJane. I too am a LGBTQ activist. But when the opportunity to bring up polyamory arises in the meetings I attend or participate in... my lips seem to stick shut. I am openly bisexual, but coming out as poly... it's questioning one of the most fundamental values of our society, monogamous marriage AND the structure of the family. It's tough.
The way has been paved a bit for us with gay rights, people nowadays do seem to think that "whatever you chose to do with your life, it's okay as long as everyone is a consenting adult"... that is a big change from the past 50 years. But my bf's family completely FREAKED when they found out he was poly... it did NOT go well. So it's hard to know what to do when I want a stable family with my bf and any possible future OSOs, and being out and acknoledging that they're important people in my life, even living with them is so important to me... but I dearly love my family (parents and siblings and extended family). I don't want to alienate them, and I do NOT think they'd react well.
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