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Default The Beginning - A Threesome Tangent

Mid-way through that first summer SweetPea approaches me with a proposition (and a sweet smile on her luscious little rosebud mouth and an adorable dimple and a sparkly glow in her eyes and ...wait...where was I?) She thinks that MrS would enjoy a threesome with some hot girl-on-girl action and she knows I am attracted to him and she thinks I'm cute and would I consider being a third? Hell YES! BUT – I have never done this before so I might be awkward, yadda-yadda, we set a date (it was to be a surprise present). I also told her that for our “first time” I didn't feel comfortable having sex with him so if she wouldn't mind taking care of the sex-with-him part...?

Now you may ask yourself why, if I am so eager to get in his pants, I don't take advantage of it at this opportunity? A few reasons – two new sex partners, my first girl, my first threesome – all at the same time! - I was afraid I would get overwhelmed and suffer “performance anxiety” (and he would think I'm lousy in bed). ALSO, I really like SweetPea, she's sweet and friendly and fun and nice and sexy, her “problem” is the fact that she can't keep her pants on...something that I can totally identify with. Look – I don't approve of her cheating on MrS while they were together – but I viewed that as an issue between the two of them – if SHE had known herself well enough to admit at that time that she wasn't wired for monogamy things could have turned out a lot differently. (Actually, I think years later that she and her first husband ended up being swingers – we went to the wedding but then they moved out of state and we didn't see her more than a few times after that).

So anyway, I like SweetPea and I know that she is hoping that the current FWB situation with MrS will evolve into them getting back together, in fact, I think that she is hoping that this threesome will aid in this (“See what a cool, sexy, girl I am? See what I can do for you? Don't you want to get back together with me?”). I am afraid that if I have sex with him in front of her and they don't get back together (which I didn't think they would – he was really hurt by her cheating) then she is going to want to blame me, which would mess up our budding friendship (and our potential FWBship? If it turns out that we like this girl-on-girl thing as much as I suspect we are going to) and just complicate the whole situation (I can't stand drama...) Also, this being her first time with the girl-on-girl bit, I am afraid that if she sees me having sex with him and has a negative emotional reaction, she will not have a good time, she will associate it with the girl-on-girl activity and won't invite me back!

(You may at this point suspect that I have a tendency to over-analyze would be correct.)

So, the date came and we showed up at MrS's house while his parents were at work and informed him of our intentions and he was appropriately enthused (I believe “Woohoo!” and “That's hot!” sprang to mind). So with some blushing awkwardness, a few false starts, and LOTS of giggling we embarked on our little adventure. Initially we turned to MrS for some direction (“OK, you nibble her there, now you kiss her there, now you touch me there...”) - after a bit we relaxed and bit and figured out our own dynamic and then drew him into it. We had made it to the naked and kissing and cuddling stage...When MrS's Dad pulls into the driveway – home from work several hours early! Chaos! We all dive off the bed so as to be below the level of the windowsill, SweetPea crawls to the closet, I scramble to the bathroom, MrS is trying to sort out our clothes and toss them in the right directions while getting his own pants on. By the time Dad makes it up to the house MrS and SweetPea are sitting in the kitchen talking, and I am just coming out of the bathroom...La-La-La – nothing interesting happening here...

God that was freaking hilarious!

We did arrange an encore a few weeks later, when MrS's parents were out of town – warm August night, blankets outside, fire, cool breeze, starry sky and two naked teenage girls running around like woodland fairy nymphs. I like being naked outside and girls are fun! After we got tired of catching and kissing each other while MrS looked on and laughed, SweetPea and MrS had sex by the fire while I watched and kissed and petted them...that was a lovely evening.
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