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Originally Posted by SchrodingersCat View Post
To me, this reinforces my belief that bisexuals are attracted to the cisgendered aspects of both men and women, rather than indifferent to gender.
Speaking only for myself here, I would agree with this. I find myself sexually attracted to "womanly women" (soft and curvy) and "manly men." (tough and strong). While I can appreciate the visual attractiveness of my handsome lesbian friend or our "pretty boy" ex-roommate, androgyny does not spark my sexual interest.

So if I have to pick a label "bi-sexual" seems to fit best...

After I posted this I went back to the thread and saw that the conversation had moved on considerably - and in an interesting direction.

I'm always interested in reading about when people are "looking" for a type of relationship or are "planning" how a relationship is going to go - I never know what I want until it happens. People are so different, relationships are so different, poly is so different for different folks - I love reading this forum.

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