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Originally Posted by PolyInFL View Post
because he is working so much, fighting depression and stressed out all the time, he really isn't ever in the mood. I am to understand (says he) that it has nothing to do with me and not that he does not find me attractive anymore, he just is not interested in sex.
All the understanding in the world doesn't stop the feeling of rejection and frustration. What he's going through isn't uncommon in men; although the perception is usually that men want sex all the time, and if they don't then something must be wrong! But we are all human and affected by the world around us.

He's giving you the opportunity to help yourself. I imagine that he'll be feeling bad that he can't give you what you needs sexually and emotionally so this is a way that he can give to you. I would keep the situation monitored, if you meet someone, keep the communication flowing. Y'know what? He might even feel the pressure lift from himself and his sex drive might start to re-awaken.
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