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Originally Posted by Anneintherain View Post
I personally feel him talking to you about wanting to break up with the one woman is a red flag.
"Yeah baby, we can be together, just as soon as I leave my wife."

Poly or not, he sounds like one of "those" guys.

Originally Posted by dolphindream View Post
Well, here goes. He now wants to bring another one on the cruise. I am really hurt by this. It completely nullifies anything that was supposed to happen in the beginning.
Yeah. Hon? He's a capital Player. The way he treats the other women is 100% the way he will eventually treat you, and is already starting to. You're not a shiny new toy anymore.

I say: He wants to bring another woman on the cruise? Let her have your ticket, tell him you're done with this bullshit, and you spend Valentines with people who really care about you.
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