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So I fess up to my DH "Honey, I miss sex" and the product of that conversation is basically that because he is working so much, fighting depression and stressed out all the time, he really isn't ever in the mood. I am to understand (says he) that it has nothing to do with me and not that he does not find me attractive anymore, he just is not interested in sex.

While I am sure he would be willing to let me use his body for the greater good, I am really not excited about the idea of just having a body. I realized that I want a PARTICIPANT.

So, here I am craving a lusty encounter and frustrated beyond belief. DH says he does not have the energy to put into any new relationships, but he seems okay with me finding a "boyfriend." I am suspicious. If I do find someone to spend time with, including a physical relationship, I am worried that DH will start to resent.

Mentally chasing my tail - that is what this feels like.
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