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I have debated on whether or not to cancel her ticket. I was the one who had to book them. I am glad to get all of the feedback. I thought I was being oversensitive about her behavior. i called him on it and he said it would never happen again. i was pretty pissed off. I am not always nice and he has been fairly warned of what could happen if she acts up. No, she is not the primary. I was not the primary but according to some of the others, I seem to have taken the postion. The ones who have been with hin the longest are unhappy to say the least. He and I are very good together and so at home with each other. In the relatively short time we have been together, he has already mentioned me meeting his kids and family and we discussed marriage. he is very good to me for the most part just sometimes oblivious to feelings in general as if he doesn't understand why it hurts my feelings. I may have a chat with him about cancelling the ticket for the cruise. I think I have been nice enough!

Trying to play well with others, lots of others!!!
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