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Please don't be so ...nice...

Your days are Thursdays? Then if she schedules stuff on your date night, she should be going to things by herself. He really needs to be putting his foot down and saying he has plans. One things that's a dealbreaker in my book is a partner breaking plans for reasons that aren't good. As she knows when his date nights with others are, she needs to be scheduling around that if she wants him along (really, I don't understand why, unless they are primary partners, that he would be going to her medical appointments?)

He doesn't sound like he has very good boundaries. If he hasn't already bought her ticket, I think I would ask him to not take her, and schedule a cruise with her a different time, as she seems to possibly be trying to interfere with your and his relationship. I'd probably ask him to stop talking about his relationship with her, cause nobody wants to hear somebody whine about how they feel sorry for somebody they are dating and want to dump them but wont cause...blah, really I think to be juggling that many relationships well you have to have a spine.

Really, if she goes on the cruise and DOESN'T cause drama, you could knock me over with a feather.
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