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I don't think I see her as bad, just that she is doing her thing and that you don't seem to be fitting that now. I don't think its an issue that you are being difficult either. This is a place to be difficult because we don't know you and you don't know us. As long as no one is calling another names then we will be brutally honest with you in terms of what we see and you get to take it or leave it. Its your choice. There is no emotion attached to anything anyone says here, just advice, questions, suggestions, clarification and relaying stories that relate.

The thing with saying "let's always be friends" is that often one person falls out of love and the other is still in it. The imbalance doesn't warrant friendship until both are not in love. Having her at your home and still loving her while she doesn't is not going to help you keep this friendship I don't think. I would be considering the options of changing your living situation. She is likely triggered by you as you did/said something that reminded her of an ex and you are starving for her love and attention. Not a good combo. If you want to create a good combo I would do your best to remove yourself from her space as much as possible. Like move out.
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