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yes, you are all absolutely correct on so many matters. i do have a feeling that she manipulated her way on the ship. She told him how she has never been on one and can never afford one. He honestly feels sorry for her. He has wanted to break up with her but says he doesn't have the heart. Every time he gets ready to end it, she comes up with a new medical crisis for him to feel badly about. He made sure to tell me that the second she becomes a problem I need to let him know. It is a big ship.She has been scheduling doctors visits and medical test on my day, Thursdays. i told him this past thursday to have her reschedule. I think she does it on purpose. he also commented that he would bring the number back down to 5 women if it would keep me from leaving him. I never said I was leaving him.....
I am going on this cruise and try my best to keep a good positive attitude. I have even scheduled time that he can spend with her that fits my schedule.


Trying to play well with others, lots of others!!!
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