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I also wear my wedding and engagement rings. Like Runic, I have an indent where the rings are, so if I took it off it would look exactly like what it would be: A married woman taking off her wedding ring to pick up dates. The kind of people who would go for that are not the kind of people I have any interest in being involved with!

My husband works out town. When he goes to work (10&4's), he leaves his ring here. This is partially because his line of work would ruin the ring and he doesn't want to do that, and his lifestyle out there is pretty much work & sleep. It's not like he's going to go back to his trailer and put the ring on just to go to bed. Less likely that he'll lose it if it's at home. He puts it on when he comes home for his cycle breaks.

I've never been the type to actively look for dates. My best relationships have always come when I least expected it. The most I've done to "look" for dates is put up a profile on OKC and state that I'm polyamorous and what that means for me.
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