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It seems to be a growing habit of everyone ganging up for a town trip. Well I should say Lover, The Woogie, The Dew, and I go in. Then we come home and everyone gets a shower. Lover and I make dinner for everyone. Then Jewell takes the kids and heads home for the night. On Wednesday everyone comes over to do some chores together and get me.

This time Lover was sick. It didn't seem to gang up on him until that night. I didn't get much loving but I gave more of it. I stayed up with him and rubbed his back with his coughing fits. I have been suffering with insomnia so it wasn't hard for me to miss a nights rest.

If it is to stick I want Jewell to take on Wednesday school day for The Dew. I think he needs to be more involved. I don't think he is enough engaged with the children. There seems to be a jealously between The Dew and Woogie that turns into fights when I am gone. That and I am constantly absorbed with the children. I don't mind they are growing so fast. I just want more involvement with Jewell.

I have realized, Jewell has been made aware as well, that when she leaves I only need to add an hour to my chores. If she tries to take on my chores it doesn't get done. It is very frustrating. She gripes that she wants to be all female but doesn't want to take it on. I take on the rougher chores like haying goats, and cutting wood with no problem. I am just overwhelmed. I am running a business, a farm, a school, the house work, and making all our food from scratch, not including helping Lover.

I think that Jewell is trying and if I talk to her and walk her through it I am sure she would love to take on one day of school. We have great communication skills. So, she knows when I get swamped. She is over helping Lover today with his electric system. I have a kid with a cold and a messy house to contend with.
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