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Originally Posted by RunicWolf View Post
Yea, pretty much. There are only a few situations that can get me to take my ring off my fingers. Things been planted there for going on twelve years at this point. I've got a big old bald indent in my finger when I take it off that's a few shades lighter then my skin, so even when I take it off it's still there so to speak.

Has this helped/hurt my dating? Yep, but no more so then my honesty about being married has. It's led me to a weird conclusion about poly/open relationships in that the men seem much more willing to share then the women, as it where, so my wife has gotten more attention (wanted or not) in that department then I have. However she's the same way I am, as in she'll wear her rings all the time with only a few things that can get her to take them off.

And for the record, the only thing we generally take them off for is full contact sports, LARP, and paintball. Wouldn't want the rings getting lost/damaged in all the excitement.
I'm the wife! And I can barely get my rings off in the first place, so I don't bother with taking them off. Guys who have known me since before Runic Wolf proposed almost 14 years ago, heard I was poly and thought it was open season on that magical realm between my legs. Guys who'd always wanted to date me, who were in relationships with my female friends, suddenly were sending me PM's asking to hook up. What I've noticed is that some men are more turned on by the idea of wooing and bedding a married woman; they want to be the night in shining armor and get confused when the princess doesn't need or want to be rescued.
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