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I think you're right SC, I still do believe that there is more than NRE going on...

As I have been reflecting more on what I mean by my wife's 'openness', I think I am referring primarily to her sexual openness. For the 20 years of our sexual life I have always felt that my wife had more to give and open up to in this area. I have been wanting a deeper and more open sexual connection. I have wanted her to show more initiative, more adventure, and to be and feel the sexy person who I know she is. She wants this too!

Funnily enough, the thought of my wife falling in love with someone else and having the deep emotional connection doesn't really phase me that much. I feel at ease about this. But I have struggled most with the thought of her being really open and all the things that I have wanted her to be sexually with someone else.

I am coming to terms with it more and more and see that it may just be part of her journey. I can also see that more and more the openness is starting to come my way too...
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