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She broke up with me after a disagreement we had regarding her medical disorders and she felt I was saying I didn't believe in them and didn't understand her. She says I hurt her just about as bad as her ex hurt her(which was horrible) So it wasn't anything like I need space or its me not you.

When we got together we were friends so we said if anything was to happen we would try to remain best friends. I did end up finally talking to her about my feelings and she said I can talk to her anytime about my feelings, it's my own issues about not talking to her about my feelings(fear of fighting or her leaving me) again these are my fears she hasn't given me any reason to believe I couldn't talk to her about anything.

I know it may seem like I am making excuses for everything and I may be but I want to believe deep down she wants to be with me. And it is so hard to show a accurate portrayal of somebody on here, so she isn't as bad as it may seem on here. She has always been honest with me, brutally honest at times, so I feel confident she isn't stringing me along and I can trust her.

Thanks again to everyone and I am sorry if I am being difficult.
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