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Default How would you classify...

...if you were in a casual relationship with someone and they didn't tell you that they were sleeping with other people that they were also in casual relationships with? These others knowing of your partners casual partners but you're the one left in the dark until later in the casual relationship.

Let me paint a better picture:
I was seeing this woman and we were getting rather serious (hanging out together, with her friends, talked about meeting her family, talked about dating seriously, and generally getting pretty close), then I bring up something I had heard about her having a boyfriend whom is in a marriage (and they are both poly) and at the same time I was unceremoniously informed that by her decree alone that we were just casual or "FWB".
Also found out at a later date there was another guy she'd been sleeping with.

So, even though there's no commitment in the sense of a full time relationship, does this seem dishonest or borderline cheaty or something?
Doesn't quite sit right with me =/
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