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Originally Posted by polyFM View Post
Ah, I missed that one. And yes, "Everyone" means you don't need to register to see the profile content.

I'm going to start with two sections for Privacy, with those options:

1) Your entire profile, with default "Friends Only" selected
2) Your basic information - Username / Age / Sex / Location / short summary - with default "Registered Users Only" selected.

This way other registered users can find you, but none of your information is open to the public unless you intentionally open it up.

How does that sound?
It's a good start. Ideally, I would eventually like to fine-tune privacy settings for each and every piece of information that goes on there. I realize that may be difficult to code, so I'm not saying I expect to see it right away, just something to work towards. I would also like it if age/sex/location can be "optional" inputs. Like, if I want people to know, they can have a conversation with me first, otherwise let them wonder
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