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Default New Single Poly Male!!

My 2nd date with Pete went great!! Since we're poly, I invited a girl friend to accompany me on the date! Not something I ever did before when I was playing the "looking for a monogamous partner" game. But- he was thrilled that I invited her and we had a blast. She looked good!!

We went out to eat first at a really nice restaurant which gave us time to talk. He and I had a few phone conversations, but our first meeting was in a club with a lot of people, so this was the first time we got to sit and talk....getting to know one another. He is one of these laid back guys- smiles a lot and just goes with the flow....a true gentleman and interesting! And....he dances!!! That's a big plus for me!! The three of us danced together a lot and we would swap up for slow songs. The two of them hit it off pretty well!!

Around midnight, I began to talk about leaving. He had rented a room at a nearby hotel (since he was working in town that day and lives about an hour away) so I had come prepared to go back to the hotel, but I started introducing the idea of inviting my friend (I'll call her Marie) to join us. Part of me wanted to have some time to enjoy him by myself since this was going to be the first time for us to be sexual, but the three of us were having so much fun that I wanted to extend that into the bedroom!!

She did end up declining saying "I'm not prepared" and that could have a lot of I said "next time" and we all agreed!

It did work out good for he and I. We got to his room and I had my little bag with my toothbrush and a lace camisole among other things. I excused myself to the bathroom where I freshened up a bit and put on the camisole. He was surprised when I came into the room! I also had my KY which I whipped out pretty much right away. He was already hard and really appreciated my getting things started like that!!

He kinda did that thing that guys do sometimes...reminds me of a kid in the candy store if you know what I mean!! It was nice....we enjoyed various positions and experimented with one another. After I had about 7 or 8 orgasms, I asked if he was ready to finish so he asked me to choose the position. I said- standing on the floor up to the edge of the bed and he was like "I love that too!"......I meant me standing and bent over with him entering from behind. So he positions me on my back with my butt up to the edge of the bed and he stood and started going for it! I'm thinking "he's going to flip me and stand me up and finish" but what actually happened is that apparently he thought this was the position I meant.....and in, it was a good position!! About an hour and a half after arriving, I was heading home!!

I am hoping to see him again and can imagine this being a long term thing!
I've had a vision of me, Richard, Pete and Marie getting together for social things (and more, I hope). He has an aunt that lives in New Orleans....well- we all love going to New Orleans for live I'm visualizing this!!!

I'm very happy with it all. I told Richard about it. He asked some questions and when he realized I was pleased with the evening and having visions of future get together which might include him, he seemed comfortable with that. I double checked with him "you did like him the first time we met?" and he said "yes". Then he said "well, baby, I'm glad you had a good time...that's great"!!!

There are several advantages of pursuing a relationship with Pete. He is a sensitive and thoughtful guy; financially successful, attractive, funny, easy going, and best of all- kind and loving, AND (like me) he is not into the dramatic emotional NRE stuff. I have nothing against that for anyone that enjoys it, but Richard and I avoid emotional NRE just like we avoid all the varying types of drama that can come along with people and relationships and that works for us. I think Pete feels the same way!

So- only time will tell, but I'm certainly hoping this leads to lots of fun and pleasurable socializing and more!!
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