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Originally Posted by pjeck View Post
Both she and our friend are openly attracted to women, and while I know my girlfriend finds our friend to be beautiful and she enjoys her personality, I'm not entirely sure if it crosses into the realm of actual attraction. I do think she has been exhibiting some behaviors related to attraction, though. For instance, if any longer period of time passes without our friend touching base with her in some way or another, she'll pretty much always mention it. "Where has she been? She's not responding to my texts. I hope she's not mad at me." That sort of thing. And that's definitely been a more recent development, despite the fact that they've been best friends for years. If I had to evaluate things there, I'd say that she does get some emotional satisfaction from our friend, on sort of a relationshipy level, without realizing it. However, she's incredibly focused on our relationship and her love for me, so some part of me feels as though she would feel threatened by the love for another, but I do think she's capable of it.
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I'm afraid I haven't a single bit of advice for what you ask. I do feel the need to point out that what you've said in this paragraph is pretty standard, hetero-girl stuff. You know your gf, you may have other information about her attraction to women. But women who would never dream of sleeping with their best friends say stuff like that often. Women, in general, tend to express closeness and love for their girlfriends more than guys do ~ from a non-sexual place.
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