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Originally Posted by polyFM View Post
I'm not sure if this applies to your situation, but the winter months SUCK for me. I'm always more anxious and prone to regression in the winter - I think it has to do with a decrease in sunshine. Come summertime I've got more bounce in my step.

Regardless, the "failed attempts" at integrating weren't failures if you tried. You probably learned a bit about yourself and others in the process, right? That applies to so many things... recipes, business ventures, relationships... I feel like there's only failure if you DON'T put yourself out there. You're sounding damn successful to me .
Thank you very much for the happy thoughts, they help. There are a few reasons that winter/the holiday season is difficult for me, including weather. I am, at heart, a warm weather/summer person and living this far north is still a struggle for me. You are also right that if nothing else, I learned more about myself from those experiences.
Today, thankfully, is a better day. I hit a wall Wednesday and after banging my head on it for a while, I realized that some things needed to change. I have always been so busy trying to make everyone else happy that it has left me empty.
Today, I am broken, exhausted and sad but for the first time in a while, I feel like me.
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