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Well, thanks for asking, Music Man!

miss pixi was in a sort of slave relationship with M for about 10 months. But his gf was always up in their grills... Pretty much always around when miss pixi would go over to clean their apartment (kink for her), and the bf never made an effort to arrange alone time for them, they'd just do sex kind of on the sly.

I don't think that couple is truly poly, just scene kinksters. And their communication skills, with each other and with miss pixi, basically sucked. So, she let it all drift away... Still interested in friendship.

So, that ended last November. She's chatted with a few likely prospects online, but is not really motivated to actually meet anyone, rather she is still focusing on being her own primary, personal growth, therapy, reading self help books. Transitioning to living as a woman, after presenting as an effeminate male for 32 years, is tons of work.

Meanwhile, as I've mentioned around the boards, things started an upswing for me, as far as men in my life, late last summer. The Gentleman contacted me in August and we met in October. The Hottie contacted me in November. The Ginger contacted me in December.

I've been running between all 4 lovers, a surfeit of affection and attention. Thanking Aphrodite and Asherah last year was just an extended dry spell and there actually are men out there who appreciate me and are worthy of my trust, love and lust.

After several busy months, including my annual trip to see family in FLA just before xmas, a Yule party at miss pixi's, and tons of sex, I finally took this week off, turning down all requests for dates (I've got 3 men on a waiting list as well, it never rains but it pours), for "me time," clothes shopping, a haircut and just chilling at home with my hobbies, plus my parttime nannying job.

Both miss pixi and The Ginger have colds this week. Somehow I do not. miss pixi and I were supposed to go to the Ginger's place tomorrow to see his (solar) house and land (50+ acres), for her to meet him, and both of us to meet his wife, R. Then the 3 of us (not R) were going to go to a drum/dance event.... but maybe The Ginger won't be up for it. Perhaps we'll just go visit him and skip the dancing. He might come with us up to my place that evening tho. He still seems to be horny, as usual! And of course, since I am now rested and recharged, so am I.

Next weekend I am going to the Fetish Flea Fair in RI with miss pixi AND The Gentleman. He booked a suite and is excited for what is a real vacation for him.

I am sensing a lack of emotional commitment from The Hottie. I don't think he's in a place to be a true bf... so after our last (hot) date, I am gonna let him make the next move. It's fine, I really need to concentrate on miss pixi. And I am falling hard for The Ginger... sigh, what a great guy, practically perfect for me. We having sweet interesting chats online twice a day, morning and evening. He speaks warmly of his 3 ex gfs but isn't seeing anyone else right now, besides his wife.
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