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Originally Posted by SchrodingersCat View Post
I agree, so far so good.

So will this have "local" groups? Our local community has a Yahoo group that's fairly functional, but it's all mailing list obviously and that can get cumbersome.

Also, will there be "local" events calendars? I would like the ability to schedule our monthly coffees, without having to see every coffee for every city that I will never visit..
Thanks SC . Yes - groups and events have the option of being geographically relevant. You will be able to "browse locally" for both.

And on the question of privacy... will it be possible for people to choose who sees what? This is obviously one of Facebook's current biggest problems, and I've seen people dropping like flies due to changes in the privacy settings.
Yes, I have no desire to use your information for anything, especially since there will be no advertisements. This next update will include the ability to create a basic profile (picture, about me, looking for, other details) along with corresponding privacy options. It will start off with:

Who can see your profile? (Select one)
[ ] Everyone plus search engines
[ ] Everyone minus search engines
[ ] Friends only
[ ] No one

These options will get more granular as things develop.

Also, the ToS will be included in the next update. That should help you feel comfortable with the privacy policy.
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