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Neither of my partners are poly. I am and they are only JUST getting into it. I didn't "come out" until September 25th about being poly. AND I cheated-which is exactly why I brought that up.

As for the others stuff-communication isn't what the average person thinks it is-it'smuch more complicated.
There is a thread on that... I think on the general forum and there is a post from Ceoli this week that pertains to your question as well. So if you do a search for posts by Ceoli in the last week-you can find a link on dealing with poly... the info is on... I am pretty sure. GREAT info there on dealing with this stuff and also on

It can go fast-or really slow or never all depending on your willingness (and his/hers) to really go deep in yourself and find the TRUE issues that cause your jealousies and insecurities.

Also-do a search for posts by Mono, Maca, Lovingradiance. You'll find a lot of current helpful details in that as well. Gets tiring to rewrite (and less clear) but there are discussions on exactly this-so do the search. I'll see if I can find the communication one and link it... give me 5 min...
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