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Originally Posted by bassman View Post
I've been away from home for 3 to the wife, M on whatsapp regularly.

Yesterday she tells me she was asked on a date by a young guy in her office. I told her to go for it, but she probably won't. Maybe I'll gently encourage a lunch date between them at least. I don't know what "young" is, I'll get some more detail today, I hope.

I'm just pleased she got this attention, and moreso than she didn't throw out some judegemental comment about "immoral" or something similar.
I met her for lunch yesterday, and she tells me that this guy has emailled her again, asking her out. She said she replied with agreeing to a coffee date next week.
She said "hes playing a game", so I said "you can play, too just have fun with it".

I get the feeling shes testing to see if I mind. Its a good test for me, too, because I didnt feel jealousy at all, Im just pleased for her.

How nice to have a 20 something after you when you're nearly 40? I see it as her reward for all her running, and for achieving her goal weight with weight watchers.
Male M, struggling noob.
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