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My first thought on reading this is to suggest that you get under your annoyance and ask what it means to you that someone is 'attention-seeking.'

As you've said, you were surrounded by this behaviour as a child, what did it mean? Could it have meant that, as a child, you got less attention? And if you got less attention, what did that mean (to you, as a child)?

It's human nature to add meaning to events in our lives. You put fingers in a dog's mouth, and get bit; hopefully, we make the meaning to not put fingers in dog's mouths. But sometimes, as kids, we make up stuff that's not so useful when we're grown.

I can't tell you how I don't get annoyed with it ~ I just don't. It's never been an issue for me. If I get as far as noticing someone doing it (so far as they're obnoxious), I might say to myself, 'hmmm, interesting choice' (a handy phrase I learned from an actor I dated). But I have zero meaning on it, so it's not annoying to me.
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