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Originally Posted by Quath View Post
The idea is based on whether someone is being dogmatic or being skeptical. You can not outargue dogma. If someone says nothing will change their mind, you are dealing with dogma. If someone says something like "If XXX happened or if YYY happened, then I may change my belief" you may be dealing with someone who is open minded enough to evaluate their own belief.
That is not always true, if someone has already passed the point where XXX happened and they changed their beliefs to believe in God. Than why would they change their mind? Dogma is a powerful tool, but sometimes people have real experiences that change their belief and you can't argue against those either; because they are personal.

I believe that God is real, but I also believe in spirits/ ghosts; after living in a haunted house for 2 years you'd be hard pressed to convince me they aren't. But that is my point, OP is taking a stance that because he stopped believing, his wife should too. Because her churches dogma threatens him in XYZ ways, it sounds like he feels like she chooses them over him when to her it might not be that simple.
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