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Originally Posted by NovemberRain View Post
Sorry, but I find that just not great discussion skill. WHY on earth would anyone tell you that they'd doubt their beliefs?
The idea is based on whether someone is being dogmatic or being skeptical. You can not outargue dogma. If someone says nothing will change their mind, you are dealing with dogma. If someone says something like "If XXX happened or if YYY happened, then I may change my belief" you may be dealing with someone who is open minded enough to evaluate their own belief.

For example, I can say that if God wrote his name in the stars I would believe he is real. That is not the only way, but it shows I am open to evidence to show God is real.

I talk to a lot of people who admit doubt of their beliefs. (I am a scientist and work around other scientists, so it may have more to do with scientific training.) While about 70% of the scientists I know are atheists (or nonbelievers) there is 30% who are religious. However, they are very light on the dogma. For example, several have said that all religions are pathways to heaven even though they identify as Christian.
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