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My experience is that people always break up for a reason, and those reasons don't go away just from spending some time on yourself or making some adjustments to your living arrangements.

May I ask what reason she gave for breaking up with you? "I need space" is right up there with "It's not you, it's me." It's also code for "I just don't love you any more, so get out of my space."

I'm wondering if she's really poly or does she just use that for an excuse to be "serial monogamist with sufficient overlap to ensure she's never alone"? That would also explain why she is having more sex now with her new boyfriend...

As for the apartment and the car, I would tell her you want them both. After all, she left you, so she should actually *leave* ... you can get a roommate. Otherwise, it's possible to ask the landlord if you can transfer the lease into her name alone because you were in a romantic relationship that is no longer in existence.

Originally Posted by ms74 View Post
We still get along as long as I don't bring up me wanting her back and how upset I am.
This is tell-tale. If she were any kind of friend, she would be willing to listen to you talk about your feelings and about being upset, and she would support you through that. If she were any kind of decent partner, same story. The fact that she isn't willing to support you in any way is basically showing you that she doesn't care about your feelings.
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