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Originally Posted by nycindie View Post
First, Yoda had it right when he said there is either "do" or "do not." There is no such thing as try. If you are sitting right now, try standing up. Go ahead, try it... wait if you stood up, you didn't try - you stood up! You're either sitting or standing, not trying to do one or the other.
Ok, that example made me giggle. At 7 months pregnant there is lots of trying to stand up for me.

To the op; I agree with previous posts that this mostly sounds like NRE.

I just wanted to add that sometimes it is easier to be more 'open' (whether that's sexually or emotionally) with someone 'new'. It can be way more scary to be completely open with someone when you want them to be around 'forever'.

What if they get mad, upset, hurt, so on and so on, it may change your relationship entirely. As opposed to being open with the 'new' person where you may have less expectations of 'forever' or what exactly your relationship will be.
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