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Default Hi, new here, all that fun stuff.

Obviously new here and thought I'd introduce myself.

I'm 32, female, 2 kids and husband, happily married. Not saying it's some utopian relationship- we have our moments like any other couple. But, happily married and mostly great communication and all of that. We've been married 2 years, together 7.

Our biggest issue is sex. There's an age difference and I tend to want it or need it more often than him. We've done some minimal swinging type things in the past. But, I approached him a few weeks back with the idea of opening up a bit. He's not really interested much in anything for himself. An occasional threesome or what not is ok with him, but he's happy with just me. But, he's also perfectly happy and ok with me going out and meeting others and dating or whatever. His only rule is that I'm safe, which it wasn't going to happen any other way to begin with.

Now, we're at the point where I've met a guy. I like him well enough, but it's still new and I'm taking it day by day with no expectations. We'll see how it goes. I do know that I'm not just looking for a second sexual partner, though. I want a relationship as well, and that relationship will pretty much have to define itself. Husband is still all on board, is actually happy that I'm seeing this guy. He says I seem different, more relaxed or something. He doesn't care for details of what happens between us, just asks if I have a good time. It's all going way better than I expected, we talk about things openly and there doesn't seem to be any issues with jealousy on any one's part. I guess I'm pretty lucky there.

So, that's my story so far. Still new to it and learning as I go what will work for me/us and what won't. I'm not sure if I will ever post with regularity, but did want to take the time to introduce myself since I've been reading every one else's stories.
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