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OMG, TGIB told his mom! He left the door open for her to take it as "kidding around" if she needed to, but here's what went down:

Her: I just wish you could find a nice wife... (His divorce is about to be final this month)
Him: Nah, I'm good. I've got Gray.
Her: But she's married!
Him: So? MC doesn't care if I date her.
Her: You better not be involved in one of those threesome things...
Him: Would it be anyone's business if I was?? [note: we've never had a threesome together. :-P]
Her: I don't want you getting some disease!
Him: There's a different between being a slut and being in a committed relationship with multiple people.
Her:...well, that's true.
Him: And look at how often people in your precious Bible had multiple wives!
Her: Yeah, I guess you're right...

I'm just...flabbergasted. Floored. In a GOOD way. I never, EVER thought he'd even insinuate to her that he and I were more than just friends, which was going to make visiting him/them REALLY awkward and difficult. It'll be SO much easier now!
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