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No, I didn't date him, I interned for him. So, I just looked him up in IMDB - he won his Emmys in '98 and '92, for his work at a major network, then his own stuff won festivals and Independent Spirit awards in '03 and '04. I interned for him in '07, and he didn't have a domain name for his business til '10, and his big documentary was on PBS that year and he was doing all these TV interviews.

Thing is, in independent production circles, some people are cogs in a bigger wheel and can claim they've won awards, which technically is true, but they're still flying by the seats of their pants for their own productions and don't have it together enough to get that kind of email or site together. OR they're trying to put things together to pitch as a show that doesn't exist yet, and they need footage to do that (although they should say so).

In actuality, getting a domain name doesn't mean someone is more credible. But still, a yahoo address for casting is always suspect.
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