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Default Feeling good!

Originally Posted by ImaginaryIllusion View Post
Without talking to each of them about how you feel, you'll never know. Without knowing, it could be a lot of stress over nothing...especially if M isn't looking for any bf for now, not just the one she left.

Welcome to the Forum.
Thanks for the welcome

I'd like to clarify that I am not looking for a girlfriend or to be a boyfriend.
Maybe it's just the labels that bug me; I don't want things to be labeled.
I do want to share a deep meaningful relationship with each of these women.
I also want my freedom

Yesterday evening I got a message from M informing me that J had told her.
I was caught by surprise, as I wasn't aware that they had met during the day.
I also met with M yesterday, but only very shortly, walking her to the station.
So it all became a bit emotion overload!

I wrote an email to M to explain to her how I feel.
That I in fact fell for her when I met her some months back.
She wrote back shortly to say thank you, and that she would find a quiet place to respond when she could find the time.

I explained to J that M is very important to me, and that I hope she keeps an open mind to the whole thing. I didn't have a chance to see her again yet, but my impression is that she is very understanding of the situationen.

There is a very interesting dynamic between the three of us; doesn't seem like anything is going to shake up the three-way friendship just like that.

I feel very excited about it all, and I look forward to seeing them both in the weekend. We were all planning on enjoying a nice and quiet evening together, talking to the early morning.
And even with all of this confusion there is at the moment, it seems to me we are all looking very much forward to it.

Who knows, maybe I just walked into my first polyamorus relationship
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