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Default Time Frame?

I'm just wondering what is the time frame on being comfortable with all of this. My partner and I (or former partner I guess I should say now) started out with just being able to sleep with other people since April. So about 7 months. We are swingers too since last January. Sex in front of me was never an issue but when I found out that he cheated on me in April I proposed an open relationship. I have battled with it ever since. About a month and a half ago he told me he wanted to open our relationship up to have actual emotional relationships with other people. Since then he has met three different girls and I've reacted badly to too.

Can someone help me please? I try to reassure myself and sometimes I can but I'm just wondering... Does this end? Is it just that I'm not poly and I'm trying to be OK with it for his sake? Can anyone tell me how long it took you to accept all of this??
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