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Default What Redpepper said

RP is right on. I do want to add a caveat. While dating as a single poly is pretty much the same as being single in general, there is the additional level of disclosure. Not only do you have to eventually reveal to a potentially serious partner the usual stuff - kids/no kids, religious or not, want to be legally married or not, lifestyle choices (want to live in a city, be active physically, and so on - you will need to let them know, hey, I'm non-monogamous and want to be polyamorous. It does a level of difficulty as my gaming friends might say.

The other side is that non-monogamy may seriously reduce your potential dating pool. It's a deal breaker for lots of people, maybe most people right now. I personally am fine with this because I don't see myself being monogamous again. A former lover of mine is focusing on monogamy because he feels it probably suits him best. But he has noted to me many times that he leans towards monogamy because 1) he feels little in common with our local poly community - that most folks in our community are a bit too well kooky for him; and 2) being non-monogamous really reduces his dating options dramatically.

So just tuck this into the back of your head. Your experiences may not match this at all but it is something to be aware of.
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