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Originally Posted by Carma View Post
I read other posts here and I wonder -- will poly work for them?? I learned so much from this adventure.
Others aren't to judge what 'works' for you. It is a strange question, in my opinion, this evaluation 'Did it work?' after things don't work any more. At the point you ask yourself this question, it obviously doesn't work any longer. But that doesn't mean, that the thing you are talking about (whatever it may be) didn't have it's raison d'Ítre during those moments it was still into place and in your life. All we can do is evaluate each time anew, if you want this or that in your life, live with your decision and learn from the experience it grants you. And as you said, you learned a lot during your adventure, that is the most you can expect. What you can't expect: to know where your journey is headed. Life is life if you just keep on living and learning. Don't let it get you down that you have reached another point in your life, where you jut noticed that a thing stopped working for you that has been in your life for some time. You did well and learned something from it.

Originally Posted by Carma View Post
I love you people. Thanks for your open minds and hearts.
My heart goes out to you as well, stray strong and keep on with your journey. And some (((virtual hugs))) as well.
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