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Originally Posted by nycindie View Post
Well, to be fair, a few years ago I interned for an Emmy-winning documentarian and he had won his Emmys for his work for a major network. His own self-produced documentaries won awards at festivals, but not Emmys (or Oscars). He was so busy traveling and shooting his doc in between his work for the network, that I guess he didn't get around to getting a domain name and "official" email addy for his own production company until about five or six years after he won those Emmys. And sometimes freelance producers assist other network producers in getting work for legit projects, and they're on a shoestring budget, so it's possible they don't have a corporate-sounding email address (although even I have a domain name & email for my teensy little non-moneymaking prodco)...
Hmmm... well you dated him "a few years ago" and he'd gotten his "official" email address a few years after the Emmy, so presumably we're talking at least 10 years since he got him Emmy. 2002ish. That's a pretty important decade in the world of internet marketing. I had a friend with his own domain back then, and it was a big deal. WOW! You have your own DOMAIN?!?

Now mine's $12.88 per year. Most people spend three times that a month on coffee, especially network producers working ridiculous hours and subsisting on caffeine.

Remember cell phones in 2002? My friend with the domain was also my only friend with a cell phone.

Crap I'm getting old. And by "old" I clearly mean thirty. *runs away*
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