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i don't care ethier,
but this is something i have thought about too,

i find it intresting that i am challange frequently by others on my poly life/setup. They feel they have some kind of right to judge me becasue what i do is not what is normally done, and yet i would never start judging someone who had chossen monogomy.

mono people often ask me questions about being poly
how can you love more than one
do you get jelous etc... i always answer honestly because i do want to educate people about how i live and how it can be done and often when i answer there questions they start to get defensive, saying i could never do that, i love my parnter to much to share etc...
and my usual reply is,
that i am not trying to convince you to be poly i am only answering your quetsions that you asked me about my life and my choice,

the bottom line is the principles that make a poly relationship a sucess are very similar to a mono one,
honesty, comunication and love,

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