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True. I never thought this would actually happen. But I was awfully delusional I guess! About a lot of things. Some things others here could see so clearly. But my view was so subjective. I was operating on pure emotions. I still can get sweet-talked. Why do I let myself be so vulnerable?? When clearly he cannot be trusted?? Why ask why. Nothing changes if nothing changes, right?

I read other posts here and I wonder -- will poly work for them?? I learned so much from this adventure. I'm proud of myself for at least considering something so unconventional. Many people I tell now are simply amazed that I even considered it. The most open-minded ones say, "Oh, open marriages? Those never work." I just say "Yeah." But what I want to say is, "Closed marriages don't have much of a track record, either!" I am also tempted to add, "nor do closed minds." But I'm not really up to the argument. I just didn't do so well at marriage, either way!

I feel great compassion for married people who feel love for a third person. I sure didn't know what to do. I don't have any regrets. I just want to learn what I can from it, and maybe have more understanding for others' situations. Who am I to judge?

I love you people. Thanks for your open minds and hearts.
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