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Default Female confused...

OK. Where to start? My ex-husband and I dabbled in the swinging lifestyle for a few years. It started out as a sexual thing but then we met a couple that we seemed to have clicked with and realized that the relationship with that couple meant more than just sex to us. We realized at that moment swingers didn't describe us. As this couple to couple relationship progressed it was apparent that myself and the other husband had clicked in a way no one expected. There was love there from both sides. Unfortunately, my ex-husband became very jealous and the friendship with this couple was dismantled. After a year and a half we divorced and I wrote to the couple we were friends with to find out that they left the swinging lifestyle and entered an "open marriage". The wife was dating regularly but the husband had opted not to participate. The husband and I then started going out on dates and rekindled immediately all the feelings we had for each other. I have since moved in with them both. We have a pretty good arrangement but I find myself becoming envious of the primary relationship. This relationship is not doing well at all. The wife treats the husband poorly and doesn't let me and him have any "alone" time unless she has someone she is going out with. She does allow me to share the bed with them when I want which is nice but in the end the husband and I are becoming frustrated. The first question I have is what kind of relationship would this be categorized as? Would it be a V? And also is my feelings geared from greed or love? I do love him as I have no other and the feeling is mutual. Where does crossing the line to cheating come in? I don't want to do anything to jeopardize being able to see him all the time alone or not. Any advice?
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