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Default Thanks ChloeJane!

Big thanks to you Chloe Jane, for your supportive thoughts and advise....taking it all to heart big time. I have been very hard on myself for not being completely being at peace, and that has got to stop...time for softening on all levels, otherwise, life is no fun at all.

The past 2 days I've slept and cried and got in tune with a big layer of pain that I didn't know what there: a feeling of unworthiness...pheeeeeeeew...I'm getting some great support from my loved ones, taking homeopathy and got some energetic healings from 2 friends...things seem to be shifting with me today, and for that I am so grateful....I'm jumping up and down yet, but my depression seems to be easing down a bit (I've never had hardcore depression before, but this seems like the closest to it, the past few days)...I've decided to also not go on the trip to Holland this weekend, and take some time to be in my own energy completely...this is also good for my partner, since he is also exhausted from all the heavy duty emotions...

It feels good to also just let the whole "triad" thing go for now for me: there were some really lovely moments in which I got to glimpse a new reality for myself (a reality filled with a lot of joy and even more expanded love), but it's essential that I really fill up my own cup with as much love as possible, because without that, any relationship is destined for doom, or at least lots of problems...both my partner and Z are really loving and caring souls, and are really supportive right now...time for patience and taking really good care of myself, and ultimately lots and lots of self-love (even if I have no clue how to feel that sometimes, love that anyway)...

Once again, major gratitude for the support here.

And thanks for the cardio tip: I plan on doing shitloads of yoga and dancing the coming days
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