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Sorry this might be a bit of a tangent as I haven't read the article but had to just say something to sea...

This brings up serial-poly for me sea. People who go from one partner to another with over laps or have lots partners that they have sex with but the love isn't so deep. It is much like swinging or even just dating to me in that way. Not much "us" involved, more "me" with a hint of "you." This still seems to be poly by definition to some. It isn't my definition, but that is what people think and who am I to disagree. We have talked about it before on a different thread already and it has actually given me a bit of a bad taste in my mouth about identifying as poly. I find myself saying I'm in an "open relationship" that has "poly" tendencies and then clarify to people that they should not necessarily go by anyone's definition but mine when it comes to my relationships. I came out to my cousin this way recently.

Just a thought as I loved that you put its a responsibility to "us!" so true for me!
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