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Ah right, I know who you are talking about, I read his story. A real beautiful one except the turn for the worse when they moved and the neighbors weren't able to wrap their minds around their different family life and structure. That is a whole nother issue we will have to deal with later on. I hope we will manage, but there are so many different factors (in fact people) involved in that story, that I can't predict how this might develop in the future.

They planned their kids, just like we would want to and they didn't seem to have the issue with biological vs. adopted/non-biological children. I assume that we will handle things similar later. At least that was what both men are up to right now, as far as they are able to predict how they will behave if children are finally a part of our family. So many forms of possibilities and uncertainties there .. As if planning for children wouldn't be hard enough in and of itself. *sigh*
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