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Excellent article!!

Having come into poly from a background of the 'swinging' lifestyle, we have met many (if not all) that were looking for that 'perfect' relationship. Everyone always said they wanted to find someone or a couple that they could have a relationship with on all levels. Someone to socialize with, go for coffee, shopping and also have the emotional loving connection with. After several years, we have yet to meet anyone who ever found it! Hell if they did find it they probably wouldn't even recognize it if it slapped them in the face!

Now in visiting these different POLY sites, and reading posts, 'listening' to people tell their stories, it sounds more and more like many are claiming 'poly' as its not quite so derogitory sounding to themselves as 'swinging'. Calling a spade by any other name doesn't change the fact that it's still a spade.

We are now a few years into a wonderfull poly-fi relationship ( which none of us were searching for) and it has come through many trials but also many many fantastic times. This life is hard work but, my god, it can be so rewarding! The author of this article nails it perfectly, RESPONSIBILITY, you can't have the 'me' attitude, it is US! All actions have re-actions, and caring about the ones you're are with means being responsible for those actions!

If you only want the physical and mascarade behind the term 'poly', be honest with yourself and call it what it is!

Great post! Thanks for putting up the link!

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