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Default My wifes emotional connection with her new man

My wife has recently met a guy and has fallen in love with him. I am genuinely happy for her.

What I am finding most painful though is that I can sense that she is more open emotionally and is more excited about seeing him than she is me. She has even said so herself. She is aware that she is much more open to him during lovemaking that she is with me where she is a little guarded and protecting. This is due to the 6 painful years it has taken us to reach this place of opening our marriage. Whereas with her new man there is no painful past. Of course there is also NRE, but this goes deeper than that...

Everytime I know they are together I am finding it painful because I know how open and excited she is, and I know how difficult she finds it to be so open to me. I am hopeful that this openness will swing my way over time...

Any suggestions on how to best deal with this kind of pain?

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