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I don't expect him to be ethical at all in a divorce or in any situation! He already told me to expect Armegeddon! While that could be a bluff, another of his bullying techniques, judging from past behaviors I'd say it's going to be ugly. He is so immature. But he is so good at smoothing everything over and making me think he's the nice guy I used to believe he was! He was nice to me last night and I just get sucked right back in to thinking, "Wow, he really is reasonable!" Sure he is. WHEN HE IS GETTING HIS WAY.

I don't think prolonging this any longer is going to do any good. He's going to be an asshole regardless of what I do. At least I'll have peace under my own roof without him in it.

Would you believe one of his "threats" to me is that he printed this whole blog and gave it to his attorney?!?!
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